I'm preparing a report in which I have also to present some results from a survey I designed and carried out among tourists. One of the questions asked the interviewees with whom were they travelling. It was a closed question and they could choose one out of six possible answers (eg. "nobody, I'm travelling alone" - "with my partner (husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend)" - "with friends" etc.).

I didn't manage to find a suitable title for the chart which shows the answers to this question ... the only one I came up with was "Travel companions" ... but I think it's ugly!!!

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!
It's exactly what I'd use. If you hate it, for some reason, you could say "Members of the travelling party" or something like that. But it's quite a long title for a chart!

Sounds OK to me.Emotion: smile

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Hi, Barbara & Clive,

Thank you very much! I left it as it was ... Emotion: smile
yes i tried to think about any other suggestion but i didnt find !! i also like the one u choosed
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