Based on the title rules in the attached file,

Are these sentence corrections right? If there's something wrong, please correct them.

2, Wrong : A Handbook For International Students In Canada

- wrong reasons : 1(not short),4(capitalization rules)

Corrected : A Handbook for International Students, Canada

4. Wrong: My Paragraph

- wrong reasons : 3(not catching readers' interest)

Corrected : My Special Experience - just as an example.

5. Wrong : How to Upload Your Family Vacation Photos to the Internet

- wrong reasons : 1(not short) ,3(not catching readers' interest)

Corrected : How to Upload Family Vacation Photos Effectively

6. Wrong : Buying A New Car Is Easy

- wrong reasons : 2(shouldn't be a complete sentence), 4(capitalization rules)

corrected : How to Buy a New Car Easily

8. Wrong : Today Was the Best Day of My Life

- wrong reasons : 2(shouldn't be a complete sentence), 4(capitalization rules)

corrected : Today, the Best Day of My Life

source : Great Writing by CENGAGE Learning

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