I need to title the following paragraph. What title would be the most suitable? Can't find out any good title by myself. If you suggest one, I would be appreciated. Thank you.


Every television show has a limited lifespan. In the beginning of its run, a good show may be overlooked by the public, but soon the audience grows. For a while, the show enjoys a period of remarkable energy and popularity. Soon, however, the show starts repeating itself and begins to seem stale. After that point, nothing can save it. The audience becomes bored and stops watching, and inevitably, the show that had once been so popular is sent to the TV trash heap.


What about 'the development of a television show'?
No that is too specific.
How about " Ups and downs of a television program'?

Thank you!
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No that is not good either. If I come up with a good title, I will write here.
If you answer me by tomorrow, that would be really thankful !! Thank you!
The transitory of tv programmes is the only one I could think of now.
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"Limited lives of TV shows"
"TV shows do not live long"
Thank you 'doll' and 'feebs11'!

Have a nice day!!