I just already know this site~ I feel it's so great! [H]When I've a problem that about english, I saw this site. After I looked the messages, I very appreciate all you guys! All of the repliers are so excellent~Emotion: big smile I really want like all of you so great in English!

Actually, I need to take the TOEFL, but I still havn't make any progress on the grammer part! So, I quite worried about this! You know, I must get 550 TOEFL score within this half year! I very vexatious! Emotion: sad

Have anyone give me some suggestions? Emotion: thinking

Could you give your advices about my writing?
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The best preparation for TOEFL grammar is taking practice tests, for which there should be many books in your bookstore. The same grammar points are tested frequently, so being familiar with previous tests is good preparation for the real one.
Thanks so much~ And what do you think about my writing? Please gives me some responds! Thanks again!
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Too many emoticons and not enough English. I would reserve emoticons for the Chat Forums.
Well your english isn't bad. Better then mine!
But I would also reserve emoticons for the chat forums.

okay~ Thanks you guys !
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The Princeton Review and Kaplan books are pretty good in preparing you for the exam.

Also go through this site www.toefl.org to know the latest changes in the new TOEFL.
Hi guys,

I took TOEFL twice, but I didn't really study for it. I did a sample test once to familiarize myself with the exam format, and that was about it. I'm not saying that one shouldn't prepare for it, however -- on the contrary. I spent all my time practising SAT verbal (my weakest area), and didn't have much time for TOEFL. Thank God my TOEFL turned out all right. (That was back when TOEFL was still on paper...)

I think knowing how the test works is important. But then, my roommate did nothing but TOEFL drills, and it took her ten tries to manage a 500. Then she started making American friends, and all of a sudden, her TOEFL jumped to 550. IMHO, "real" exposure to English and exam practices go hand in hand.

That's just my two cents though. Emotion: smile
Oh, thanks for your opinion! And is it really true, 500 jump to 550 for making friends with foreigner? You know, I think is it too difficult to get a 550 ! Actually, if I got 550, I would not so worried about my future! I will try to make friend with the foreigner! And I've watched more programme which speaks in English! Finally, I feel my listening have make a progress at all! So,did anyone have a skill which on the structure part? I will very appreciate all of you~

And may I ask you what's the meaning of tha's just my two cents though? Is it a idioms?

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