"To be continued"

I know the above sentence means/meaning.
Sometimes I see it on the drama serial.
My question is that,
#1. What is this structure called?
#2. Is there any another way for making is sentence?
#3. Please write some sentence like the above sentence.
#4. When should we use this kind of structure,
like: a) to + be + V3
b) ....... be + V3. please give some example.

Please see my post. I need your kind help.Thanks in advance.
mizansinha007"To be continued"I know the above sentence means/meaning. what the sentence above means.
It's not a sentence. It's a fragment of a sentence. (This story is) to be continued. ~ This story will be continued.
mizansinha007#1. What is this structure called?
A passive infinitive.
mizansinha007#2. Is there any another other way for of making this sentence?
No. A passive infinitive is a passive infinitive. There is only one way to do it.
mizansinha007#3. Please write some sentences like the above sentence.
Other passive infinitives: to be seen; to be known; to be said; to be taken; to be revised; to be delivered; to be read
mizansinha007#4. When should we use this kind of structure, like: a) to + be + V3
There is no particular occasion on which you should use this structure, nor any other grammatical structure in English. You use words when you need them, the same as in your own language. I've already given you examples above.

Please correct my statements.
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"I know what the above sentence means" or "I know the above sentence's meaning"

"Sometimes I see it on drama serials". When you refer to something with the article 'the', you have to introduce it first. For eg., "Every Tuesday I watch a drama serial. At the end of the drama serial, I see a phrase 'to be continued'".

I am not so well-acquainted with the nomenclature of sentence structures. However, 'to be continued' is not a complete sentence but a phrase. This phrase is used when the object of the verb is obvious. In this case the complete sentence would be "The serial is to be continued". Since it is obvious that the thing that is to be continued is the serial, it is not mentioned and the sentence transforms into a phrase 'to be continued'.

Similarly, let's assume you have a pile of forms with a note stuck on it that says 'to be filled'. Here also it is obvious that it is the forms that have to be filled so there is no need to mention that.
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The thing is, you should never use a question mark after that unless you will be making another part.