Is there anyone who can explain to me the meaning of the expression "to be on the dewy side"?

Here are some sentences I've found.

Ned tells them to avert their eyes because it’s a good chance the dead guy will be on “the dewy side”.

Also the foundation does not provide a matte effect, it is more on the dewy side

It does have fairly good coverage which is something I was looking for and it is a bit on the dewy side as well.

Answered on your other post.
It doesn't seem to be an idiom. I was told that:

Think about the appearance of dew.

noun: water that has condensed on a cool surface overnight
from water vapor in the air (Example: "In the morning the
grass was wet with dew")

Presumably a dead body that is "dewy" is one that has fluid on
the surface. I assume that the fluid is exuded at some point in
the decomposition of the body. Presumably there are other
unpleasant aspects of that state of decomposition in addition to
the dewy appearance.

That's how I interpret the quotation.

Peter Duncanson, UK