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What does 'to be or not to be' mean?

Thank you.

Shall I remain alive or shall I kill myself?

Thank you, Calif Jim.

So 'to be or not to be' only means 'shall I remain alive or shall I kill myself ?' , am I correct? Or that is only an example.

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The original is from Shakespeare's Hamlet. What CJ explained is what Hamlet meant when he said it in the play. But it's become such a famous expression that it is sometimes applied to other situations.
Thank you for your help, Grammer Geek.

I would really appreciate if you could provide me with some situations where you would use this expression. So I would be able to use it at the right time.(should it be 'in the right time'?) Emotion: stick out tongue

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Well, my advice would be to not try to use it untill really understand it. Usually, it's used jokingly.

Like, someone says "I'd like to come, but I don't know if I can be there." And you say "To be there, or not to be there, that is the question." It's a joking reference to the original. It wouldn't sound natural if you had to plan when you would say it - it should just pop out.
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I think I know a bit more about this expression now.Emotion: stick out tongue Thank you for you adivce, Grammer Geek.

Thanks again.