What' s the meaning of "to be sure" in the following context? Could you give me some example sentences of "to be sure" which has the same usage? Thank you!


I can relate to this as well. I have had pounding heart and palpitations on and off for some time however in the past week it happens every time i have a beer, or when Im sleeping. I went to the drs the other day and everything appears ok. Had an ECG all is good. They have arranged a 24 heart monitor to be sure. My Dad had a heart attack last year and has recently been diagnosed with heart failure. Im not sure if my symptoms are related to the stress of my dad, or related to my diabetes or if there is a serious heart problem. I constantly worry so I guess that hasnt helped with everything. THe more I sit and rest, I can see my heart pounding from my chest..

Why not use "They have arranged a 24 heart monitor to make sure everything is ok",. because this conforms to the Chinese word order of the sentence.

Thank you!
yanxWhy not use "They have arranged a 24 heart monitor to make sure everything is ok"
He could have but chose not to, and it would have meant the same as the longer sentence you suggest. He would have required the longer sentence had he not already said: "Had an ECG and all is good" (meaning they found his heart was in good condition), because the next sentence states the 24-hour heart monitor was to make certain his heart was good.

So in this context, to be sure = to be certain (his heart is good).

Another example: "The answer I got to the equation appeared correct. To be sure, I had to ask the maths teacher".

Hope this was clear
Thanks a lot! makka2802 ^_^