I think every line in this song is underscored by a desperate need for me to know what to carry, to turn off my very critical eye sometimes, to be fit for the shoes I've been given.

It seems to me that "to carry" in this case may mean "to carry a weight". So I suppose he's saying that in every line he wants/he expresses his desperate need to know what weight he will have to carry in his life, I guess.

As for the shoes, I guess it means that he has to accept the life he was given?

The main connection I can think of is a native American proverb:
"Don't judge a man until you've walked two moons in his moccasins."
Is he referring to a particular song?

His critical eye is his own. It represents the sum of his experience and the judgement he's developed along the way. But in order to do justice to someone else's lyric, he needs to play a role.

My guess is that he's referring to the "shoes" which represent the role he assumes in a particular song. They belong to the character he plays.

Once he puts on these shoes, he must push part of his true self aside - the critical eye, for example.

I think what he carries is his "baggage" and his tool pouch. He struggles to know which tools to take with him and which ones to leave behind, in order to best play this character. I think any actor faces this dilemma.
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Hi guys!

Does it fit your interpretations?

Do you know if he wrote these lyrics??
According to what I've read, yes, he wrote it. Emotion: smile

take care
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In that case, I'm having a little trouble interpreting the exerpt. I'll have to think about it.
Anyway, thanks for trying!!!