"to clarity, it may be necessary to advertise more in order to increase sales, however that could be due to many circumstances such as a decrease in the public's overall attendance, an increase in the cost of movies, or a lack of trust in the opinions of the reviewers. "
anyone cares to explain what "to clarity" exactly mean in the paragraph above?and what is the difference between "to the astonishment" and "to clarity" here?tks
I think that "to clarity" should be "to clarify." In the passage, "to clarity" makes no sense, but "to clarify" would mean:
"Here is what I'm saying in simple terms: it may be necessary to advertise...."

"To the astonishment" means "to my (or someone else's) surprise." Example:
"I did the mashed-potatoes (a dance) to the astonishment of the audience."