I'm doing a presentation and I'm missing a word.
It's about 9/11.

I actually want to say that they flew into the Twin Towers.
I have used 'crash' but I'm not sure if this is right, because 'to crash' basically means the plane lost the control and they go to ground. But actually on 9/11 they didn't 'crash', or is it the right word, though?

So how would you say this?
Two planes crashed the Twin Towers?

Could it be 'attack'?
Two planes attacked the Twin Towers?

Thank you
I think you are fine with 'crash' certainly reporters at the time used this word. I don't think that you can say that the planes attacked the buildings. Terrorists attacked the buildings by crashing the planes into them.
Thank you!

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Love yours too!!
Ah I forgot, you said the terrorists attacked the building by crashing.
But if I'd like to say for example:

The buildings were attacked by two planes.
Is this correct?

crash sounds kinda weird here, don't it?
The buildings were crashed by two planes.
You can always say, "Two planes crashed into the buildings." That doesn't sound awkward and reflects what happened.
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Pleased to hear! ;-)
For me crash sounds fine. Terrorists crashed the planes into the buildings. You cannot say that the building 'were crashed' - you could say they 'were crashed into'. I prefer the original sentence though as it is active.

The word 'attack' sounds strange to me in this context. To attack is to try to hurt or to defeat by using violence. The planes did not try to hurt or defeat the buildings.
Okay, I try to use the active with 'crash',
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