Hello, teachers!

Can I use all these with the same meaing?
1. I'll cut it short.
2. I'll cut to the chase.
3. I'll cut/come/get to the point.
4. I'll cut/come/get straight to the point.
5. I'll give you this [cold turkey, straight, point-blank].

Thank you very much.
To me, all are possible, Jandi, except 'cold turkey', which is not appropriate, carrying a negative connotation of unpreparedness.

Also, most are rather slangy and not very appropriate for a business meeting, I feel. There are likely other opinions.
I agree with Mr. Micawber. The only one that doesn't seem to fit with the others is "cold turkey". "cold turkey" is normally used with ideas of discontinuation or self-denial, at least in the uses I'm familiar with. "to quit smoking cold turkey", "to give up chocolate cold turkey".