could you tell me what does "to draw debts" mean?

Thank you
Is this in finances or in poker?Emotion: smile

to take money from a place of deposit

to draw debt
probably:to take money (say a loan from a bank) and thus accumulate debtEmotion: sad
Hi Marius,
it is in finance Emotion: smile

Thanks for your reply.
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Magda, can you give us the whole sentence, please? This isn't phrasing that I"m familiar with, and I have some knowledge of U.S. financial terms. Perhaps it's British, but I'd like to see the whole thing.


I see. And what is the actual meaning of "down debts"? How "debts" are different from "down debts"? Emotion: thinking
No, it's not "down debts" but "draw down." Draw down = reduce.
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Oh, I see Emotion: smile. Thank you.