Hi,I'm Luis from Costa Rica, and I want how diferent are my culture about your culture. Whant kind of food you eat, what kind of traditions, what is the more popular music that you listen in your country, sometime like that
Hi Luiz,
there's another thread on this forum about cultural differences and similarities at the moment. Maybe it would interest you, it's called, "knowing about cultures" I think.
hello,I am from Myanmar. Myanmar has its own traditional food and culture. Myanmar culture is ancient. Myanmar people are really simple. In our country, rice is the staple food. We always have rice and other curries together. We never eat bread, milk,cake and other food as our breakfast, Lunch and dinner. For music, songs are quite different from other countries. But,nowadays,the youths are not listening those songs any more. But, for me,I still love to listem them. They are very classical.