waives any objections or right as to forum non conviens = ????

This Agreement is entered into in the State of New Jersey and shall be construed and governed under and in accordance with the laws of that State. All disputes arising out of this Agreement shall be exclusively resolved in a court of competent jurisdiction in the State of New Jersey. Each party expressly consents to the jurisdiction of the State or Federal courts in the State of New Jersey and waives any objections or right as to forum non conviens, lack of personal jurisdiction or similar grounds.
"forum non conviens" is a legal term, meaning basically "it's inconvenient for me to go to court there", i.e., "I want a change of location for the trial".

I'm sorry to chime in but I guess the correct form is "forum non conveniens", not "forum non conviens".

forum non conveniens Latin phrase for "a forum which is not convenient." This doctrine is employed when the court chosen by the plaintiff (the party suing) is inconvenient for witnesses or poses an undue hardship on the defendants, who must petition the court for an order transferring the case to a more convenient court. A typical example is a lawsuit arising from an accident involving an out-of-state resident who files the complaint in his/her home state (or in the defendant driver's home state), when the witnesses and doctors who treated the plaintiff are in the state where the accident occurred, which makes the latter state the most convenient location for trial.

[url="http://dictionary.law.com/definition2.asp?selected=779&bold=%7C%7C%7C%7C"]forum non conveniens[/url]
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is "conviens" an English word?
No. The whole expression is from Latin. CJ
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