Hello. Could anybody explain me what's the difference between constructions "I have" and "I do have"?
I've seen that people use expression "I do have smth.".

Is the difference like:
"Do you have?" - American English.
"Have you?" - British English

Or, maybe, there's something else?

Else one. What's right of them:
"I have a book, don't I?" or
"I have a book, haven't I?"

I found this thread (http://www.EnglishForward.com/English/DoIHaveToDoOrHaveIToDo/chcmm/Post.htm ), read it, and I got answers to my some questions. =)

Thank you a lot in advance.
I think that the only difference is that "I do have..." includes a sense of assertion .. That is, in regular contexts, you may say "I have the book" .. But, when someone is questioning that by telling you " you don't have the book yet, do you?" .. So, you would answer "I do have the book" ..
Ok, thanks. =) By the way, BBCode doesn't work normally in my posts. =(

Oh, IE only.
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I think "I have a book, don't I" is right.
I use "Have I" because I use present perfect tense. I don't know about British English.
"I do have" is used to help the meaning of the sentence clearer than "I have".
"I do have" is something like "I don't lie, I really have". Right?
You don't have to be lying.. You are only emphisizing the meaning .. Or assuring the meaning .. I will give you another example .. She did have a real talent .. You are admiring the talent she had in drawing for example ...
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