Don't feel bad if you can't understand this right away. You have been conditioned. We all have. The brainwashing about money is especially thick in the USA.

Your property is yours to dispose of as you like. An exchanger's property is is his to do likewise. A deal is made whenever both parties accept the terms. The illusion of government monopoly on money is a carefully crafted deception perpetrated by the orientals who stole your government.

You will not likely find an exchanger in the USA who will risk dealing with you. They are all very nervous - most have quit - some have been robbed. Some kidnapped by HOC.

HYIP is gambling. It has never been about investing. It's a game. A game that infringes upon turf of the tyrants who stole your country while you were watching TV.

Look at the sticky threads at the top of this forum. Those exchangers have paid for that advertising. Read over their websites and get an overview of what trades are being offered.

Be very wary - there are snakes in the grass and the water is full of sharks. Try looking for past public comments about anyone you intend to trade with. Don't go looking for someone to hold your hand or you will be lead down the garden path by a thief.

Can you explain to me the emboldened parts?
You are certainly frequenting some weird websites, Gary. Be careful.

someone to hold your hand = someone to constantly guide and protect you

be lead down the garden path = be led astray; to be tricked or deceived.
Seems like sort of a mixed mataphor to me. "To lead someone down the garden path" is a really old expression, and to "lead someone on" is even older. They both mean to encourage someone to think something is true, for the purpose of benefitting yourself, when in fact it's not true.
"Looking for, or wanting someone to hold your hand" is another old expression, completely unrelated to the first, which means you don't want to take responsibility for your own problems.
The two have been combined here and the thief has been thrown in for good measure.

It's always good advice to avoid being led down the garden path under any circumstanses - unless you're a double agent and really want someone to "take advantage of you." In other words, be careful, be wary, look out for your own interests, be street-wise, know what you're doing, don't seek advice from strangers. Thieves are always on the lookout for suckers. If you appear weak and looking for advice (looking for someone to hold your hand) a thief will spot you and take your hand - and lead you down the garden path - and take your money.