What does "jump ahead" mean in this context? Thanks for your help.

Professor:...Now, as I am thinking about what I am going to be saying, my muscles in my throat are responding. So thinking can be mesured as muscle activity. Now, the motor theory... yes?

Student: Professor Green, did he happen to look at people who sign? I mean deaf people?

Professor: Uh, he did indeed, um, and to jump ahead, what one finds in deaf individuals who use sign language when they are given problems of various kinds, they have muscular changes in their hands when they are trying to solve a problem. Muscle changes in the hand, just like the muscular changes going on in the throat region for speaking individuals.

to move forward in the conversation over some topics
I was going to get to this later, but now that you've brought it up we'll talk about it now.
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Thank you all.
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