Hi Marius (and everyone),
I noticed that in your posts you often write make a search with "..." and you will find several realted threads. Now, is it make or do? My dictionaries (Oxford Advanced Learner's D. and Longman Advanced L. D.) use do. And, for example, Google also uses do: To do a search on Google, just type in a few descriptive search terms -- http://www.google.com/help/interpret.html
Plus, is it a search with... / a search on... / a search for... ?
Thank you.
Do is more frequent than make on searches. I just prefer make with the meaning of perform/carry out here:


16 a : to carry out (an action indicated or implied by the object) : PERFORM<make war> <time to make a move> <make an incision> <make a promise> <make amends> <make a speech> <make music> <make apologies> <made a crackling noise> <made plans to go away> <make preparations for the trip> <make a bid> b : to perform with a bodily movement <make a bow> <make a jump> <make a sweeping gesture> c : to achieve by traversing : TRAVERSE<make a long detour> <mailman making his rounds>

M-W unabridged dictionary

Also, on and for are more frequent than with, on the whole, but I like with, as in "with the words in the search box."
Hey, answered so quickly!

Ok, so it's just the form you prefer, I thought there was something wrong with my dictionaries.