This is from Antigone

But hasn't Kreon honored only one Of our two brothers with a tomb and dis- Honored the other? They say he has covered Eteokles with earth, as justice and law Require, so down below among the dead 30 He will be honored. But the body of poor Polyneikes, who died so wretchedly— They say a proclamation has been cried To all the citizens that no one may Hide it inside a grave, wail over it Or weep for it, it must be left unmourned, Unburied, a sweet-tasting treasure that birds Will spy and feed on with their greedy joy. And this is the very order that they say The noble Kreon has proclaimed to you 40 And me—to me, to me he says it!—and then To make it clear to those who don't yet know, He's coming here, and he does not treat this As some small matter: anyone who does What he has now forbidden will be put Before the people and by public stoning Murdered.

to me, to me he says it = In my opinion, he intentionally said it as a warning for me???
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Earlier you wrote: what I don't understand is why she says: "he says" instead of he said.

Later you wrote: She's not narrating past events

I take it you've changed your mind about something. Emotion: indifferent

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Done some research to conclude that the following rule was applied in this case.

In reporting information
With verbs of communicating (say, tell) and of perception (see, hear, understand) the use
of the Present implies that the reported information is still valid, even though the
communicative process took place in the past. With a Past tense, the validity is not
The weather forecast says that rain is on the way.
I understand that you would like to move to London.
It's not historical present because she's not narrating past events, it's a dialogue and she's talking to her directly, and not narrating a story; otherwise, it would be a monologue and she wouldn't expect her sister to respond.
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