Hi, it says that "Billet" is a living place for a solider but since it talks about Obama I think it has other meaning than that?

"In March, Rouse invited another member of the Daschle
Mafia, Anita Dunn, to meet Obama in his billet on the seventh floor of Hart"
The writer may be wanting to remind everyone that Obama is, in fact, Commander in Chief of the military.
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Hi Philp since I don't know what is the word for this in my language, I found something like this "His accommodation hostel" is that can be used here for "Billet" ?
No, a billet is a place where soldiers stay when they are in the field (not on base), and a hostel is a cheap hotel (usually for students when they are travelling). They are similar in that they have bunk-style beds, limited individual space, shared facilities and shared rooms.
Thanks Alphecca I'll go to look for an image Emotion: smile
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