First of all a brief introduction about myself. I am Raja Sekhar currently in my final semester of engineering. i am preparing for GMAT. I am really bad at verbal (esp grammar). So i need ur help. plz give me ur email Id. So that i can correspond with you. If u want to maintain it personal send a mail to raja>>>>>>>deleted<<<<<<<<@dell.com. this is my personal mail.

I hope and request u to help me in this regard
Welcome to English Forums, Raja. I appreciate your confidence in my ability to assist you; however, with a full teaching load and other projects, I simply do not have the time to respond to individual requests.

English Forums is designed precisely to remedy such a problem, in that, among the moderators and other contributors who can give a little of their time to helping others, everyone has an opportunity to have his questions answered.

In addition, posting here allows the answers to be read by others who may have the same questions.

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which one of these two is right.

When to use 'to be' and when to use 'as'

films about the American West depict coyotes as solitary animals howling mournfully on the tops of distant hills

in films about the American West coyotes are depicted to be solitary animals that howl mournfully on the tops of distant hills
what is the difference between

distinguishing addictive drugs and non addictive drugs


distinguishing addictive drugs from non addictive drugs
Hello Raja,

'Depict coyotes as solitary animals' is fine. 'Depict' means 'picture, make a picture', so I do not think that 'to be' works naturally here (although I understand the message).

He was depicted as a lazy person.
He was depicted sleeping on the job.
Coyotes are depicted (to the audience) as solitary animals.

These are the normal formations.
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I understand that both sentences are meant to convey the same meaning. However, I think there is really a slight difference. The expected form is:

'distinguishing addictive drugs from non addictive drugs' -- this means finding the characteristics which separate the one kind (addictive) from the other (nonaddictive), which identify Drug X as addictive rather than non-addictive.

'distinguishing addictive drugs and non addictive drugs' -- here the meaning is not clear. It suggests that we are finding the characteristics of both kinds, but not necessarily the characteristics which separate them from each other. This is not the meaning you want, I think.

Does this help?