I fly to my book as the opium-smoker to his pipe. I would sooner read the catalogue of the Army and Navy Stores than nothing at all. At one time I never went out without a secondhand bookseller's list in my pocket. I know no reading more fruity. Of course to read in this way is as reprehensive as doping, and I never cease to wonder at the impertience of great readers who, becouse they are such, look down on the illiterate. From the standpoint of what eternity is it better to have read a thousand books than to have ploughed a million furrows?

Hello, MrP.

How do you interpret 'from the standpoint of what eternity' here?
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For me twenty years or less is enough to be dead. So, to me, nothing would be worth discussing seriously. But discuto ergo sum. Is it a correct Latin?