What was your first book which you read in English? As I remember properly, mine was 'A Farewell to Arms' written by Ernest Hemingway. I have good memoires from lecture.

And you?

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Er, I feel a bit dumb. The first book I read in English was "Ghost Beach", by R.L.Stine. I loved that Goosebumps books. Emotion: big smile

mummy mysteries is my 1.
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The first book that I read in english was: "The shadow line",by J. Conrad,but I didn't like it,at all. So,I consider as first book,a Shakespeare's comedy,read in english: "Twelfth Night, or What You Will". A really good comedy,in my opinion! Emotion: big smile
charles Dickens ..... Tales of Two cities

the simplifiied verison
Who else and what else? I know you read a lot :-)

Best wishes,

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Hmmmm (The Lord of the Flies).At the time of reading it,I disliked it. But as time passed by, I found its symbolism expressive.
'The Princess Diaries' was the first English book I read,I brought it from my first and also my best Singaporean friend.she likes to read books and therefore when at the end of 2005,she became the top student in English,I was not surprised.
Nor was I when I did. [H]

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