Could you please tell me a verb (verbs) meaning go past someone very quickly? What about these? Do these sound natural?

  1. He flashed past me.
  2. He bolted past me.
  3. He thundered past me.
  4. He zoomed past me.
  5. He flew past me.
  6. He whizzed past me.
  7. He rushed past me.
  8. He roared past me.
  9. He raged past me.




Some of your examples carry additional meanings; #3 and #8 imply that he made a lot of noise while passing you; specifically, #3 implies that he made a sound like thunder and #8 that he made a sound like a lion or bear, or anything else that roars. #9 implies an intense anger on his part. #1 is an unusual choice for an objective description, but could be used in poetry.


I believe a word that would be more suited to everyday conversation is “brushed”. Brushed implies the person moved past quickly and directly, but does not imply that there was any excessive sound or force associated with their movement.

An alternative word, again implying a fast but gentle movement, is “breezed”.

Both brushed and breezed are commonly used in everyday conversation.