Is it correct to write: "Bryan is going to pick up Paul at the airport tonight." (?)


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Hi, Optilang!

Thanks for your reply.

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Hi Milla,

You could also say "Bryan is going to pick Paul up at the airport tonight" because "pick up" is a separable phrasal verb; this means that you can put the object either before or after "up".

If the object is a pronoun, this must go before "up", so: "Bryan is going to pick him up at the airport tonight" (not: pick up him).
Hello, Tanit!

Glad to get so good explanation. Thank you very much.

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Hi again Tanit,

By the way and if the object were: her cousin Beth, e.g.?

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I'd say "pick up her cousin Beth" .. If I put too many things between pick and up, I'd surely forget what I was talking about. Emotion: stick out tongue

Seriously, I think this way sounds better, but I'm not sure the other way would be incorrect. Maybe somebody has a definite answer here. Emotion: smile
........to pick up her cousin Beth from the airport.

....... to pick her cousin Beth up from the airport.
Both sound ok to me
O.K. Thank you very much for the attention.

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