Please explain how to 'pp' a letter.

Help needed urgently How do I pp a letter? in other words if Peters name is at the bottom of the letter how do I (Juliette) sign it for him?? Thanks
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all you have to do is sign in yourself and put pp/ (written in ink) in front of Peter's name.
btw, what does 'pp' stand for?
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what the pp letter in english
'per pro' (p.p.) is from Latin and means 'for and on behalf of'
how do I pp a letter is there a format
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Thank you so much! I am not the original poster of this request, but have come back to this site twice, via a search engine, to remember how to PP a letter.
Much thanks to Pia and Scholar, you are[*]s, Lori Gator
Ditto to Lori, that had been really useful info!Emotion: smile
Thanks, this has really been helpful. My boss said to write a letter for him and to pp it, had no idea what that meant. Now i know. Thanks again.
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