Please advise what is grammatically correct. Reply on it's own or reply back i.e. reply back soon or reply back to me? Is reply back gramatically correct?
The verb "reply" implies "back to the sender". Adding "back" is redundant, even though it is sometimes used informally.
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I agree, as the word Reply means already to come back with an answer. Also I think that another good combination with the same meaning would be I will be waiting for your reply. You may also ask for the opinion from [link removed by moderator. Please advertise your services by putting the URL in your profile. Our policies are to advertize only the the forum "English Language Services"]
as they always come up with a good solution.

It was not in vain correct to reply someone that asked about something I did ?

Is whomever or whoever correct?

Please reply to whomever you got the message from so we know you have received it.

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anonymousIs whomever or whoever correct?

Both are acceptable in your sentence.

'whomever' is the object of the preposition 'from', which comes later, but when we reverse the order so that the pronoun (whomever) appears at the front of the relative clause, we can change it to whoever.


Says who
Who is she
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Depends on conditions