This expression is common in Indian/Pakistani English.

To show someone the mirror = to make someone realize something

  1. He's become very arrogant. I told him how he used to come to me to borrow money when he was a student, to show him the mirror.
  2. We really need to show Frank the mirror. He's laughing at James being in jail. His own son was jailed for shoplifting.

I want to know how the red phrase would sound to your native ears? Any natural equivalent in English?




I'd have to think about it too long before I caught on to the meaning of it.

Not a synonym exactly, but showing someone the mirror might result in his "having a come-to-Jesus moment" if the mirror manoeuvre works.


(last two examples — under definition 4)


Mr. TomI want to know how the red phrase would sounds to your native ears?

It actually makes enough sense to be understood, but it is not an expression, and there are better ways to put it.

Mr. TomAny natural equivalent in English?

I can't think of an exact equivalent, but you can "bring someone down a peg".

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… or "take someone down a peg".

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