One of the oldest movies I really love from deep of my heart is To Sir, With Love. I recommended this great movie, it's really fantastic. I also love the song of this movie "To Sir, With Love" by LULU.
The song words are:

Those school girl day
if telling tales and bitting nails are gone
But in my mind I know they still live on and on
But how do you thank someone
who was taken you from crayons to perfume
It isn't easy but I'll try
If you wanted the sky
I'd write across the sky in letters
That would soar a thousand feet high
To sir with love
The time has come
For closing books and lock less looks like stares
And as I leave I know that I am leaving my best friend
A friend who taught me right from wrong
And weak from strong that's a lot to learn
What can I give you in return
If you wanted the moon
I would try to make a start but I
Would rather you let give my heart
To sir with love

The best thing is the title. I love people who don't have names.
Maybe it could be improved by saying " To You, With all my love"
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It could be, but it is from the film , To Sir, with Love....
If you have a chance to watch it, please do and you will understand why they called it To sir, with Love:)

ok I will if i have the chance.
Hi Maj,

I do not know how it is in 2003, but in the 1960s, the time when the movie, "To Sir, With Love", was made, British school kids called their teachers Sir. It was absolutely typical for a teacher to be called only Sir, instead of his name.

So, for example, if a teacher asked the class a question and many kids were raising their hands to get the teacher's attention so they would be picked to give the answer, some kids might be adding to their waving hand's plea by saying, "Sir.. Sir.. Please Sir".

So, the movie and song title's "Sir" is referring to a person, the school teacher.

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...of telling tales...

...who has taken you from crayons to perfume..

...the time has come for closing books and long last looks must end..

You should never mess up a GOOD THING!! That song is a CLASSIC....just the way it is.
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