Hi everyone,

Please have a look at the following sentence and paraphrase it for me, if you will. Thanks so much!

Pete Rose can count on his muscles springing into action to snare a screaming line drive because he has built that response into the neurons through hours of practice.

(I can understand most of the sentence all right, except for the bit I put into the subject line. It probably has something to do with baseball, which I'm hopeless at.) Thanks again!
Pete Rose has practiced catching hard-hit baseballs so much that he now relies on his reflexes to do it.
"To snare" usually refers to catching an animal or a person in a trap.

"The snared (or "ensnared") rabbit chewed off its own leg to escape".
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In this case, from what I understand, 'snare' also means to 'catch something', 'to get something'. And 'screaming' also means 'something that stands out'. Therefore, the meaning of 'To snare a screaming line drive' is 'to get an impressing line drive'.
Sunil Bhasin
Hi Sunil,

I'm afraid that in baseball parlance, 'screaming' just means fast and hard-hit. I'm not sure whether it is because the ball whistles in flight or because the player screams when it stings his hand.
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