Good afternoon, here it's actually 01:50 but as Good Night is often refered to someone "signing off" I didn't want to use that... but what the heck! Good Night to you all!

My question is: Are money and time the only thing you can 'spend'?

I have made some lyrics for a song in which I use 'spend' as a synonym for 'waste' (because you cant rhyme end with waste)

Can one spend ideals, thoughts and other none time/money releated ...stuff?

//Jonas (sweden)
Interesting question. With the active verb, the only other natural examples I can think of right now are "energy", "force", and possibly some other physics terms such as "momentum":

"After the storm has spent its energy, the rising currents die away and downdraughts break up the cloud."

"The second Revival had spent its force in a hundred years."

I guess you could use the passive/adjectival form "spent" to mean "exhausted" in, say, "My enthusiasm was spent" (and I'm sure some other words could be substituted there for "enthusiasm").

It's likely there are some other possible uses that are eluding me...