So as life gets harder and harder, the poor look around for someone to blame. And they see the growing influx of foreigners — mostly Zimbabweans fleeing the meltdown in their own country — and get angry that they are having to share what little they have with non-South Africans.

That sense of resentment over scarce resources is understandable, but I find the people’s brutality difficult to stomach.

I've heard of sick to my stomach which means throwing up. In the passage above, "to stomach" is used. I don't think the literal meaning of throwing up fits here. Does it mean "sick" instead?

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Thanks in advance

I can't stomach raw fish. This means that I can't keep it in my stomach. I vomit. I can't tolerate it.

I can't stomach brutality. I can't tolerate it.

Best wishes, Clive
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Thanks, MH and Clive. I've always known one way to express this, that is, "I can't keep it down". This is new and a useful addition.
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