What does 'suit up' mean in the following context:

The dolphin started toying up with the team and trying to gain attention. He would increase his heart rate and show distress so a team member had to quickly suit up to check him over. But as the person entered the pool, his heart rate returned to normal.

Does it mean the team member had to quickly put on his wet suit?
When I first read it, it sounded a little strange to me. After the second reading, I think it does have to do with putting on a wet suit.
It would mean that he had to put on a special suit to take part in a special activity. However, it did sound confusing the first time I read it.
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yeah, I have looked it up in the dictionary and found that the verb 'suit' is never used that way. It must be the noun 'suit' that is used like a verb; I guess it is a bit informal.
It's probably an idiom used only by a specific set of people, so the rest of us wouldn't recognise it. I myself have never heard it before, but hey, there are stranger things out there.
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chalk it up to jargon...