please correct the following sentences:

"it tasted to both of us" I mean that we had some food and we liked it. (could it be possible to say "we liked it" speaking about food?)

"it was not my linking " "it didn´t taste to me" correct? Is the first only to be referred to food?


The intransitive use of "to taste" is quite rare. I'm not sure all dictionaries would recognize it.

We would usually say, "It tasted very salty to both of us."

OR, "It tasted to both of us as if the cook had used too much salt."

"We liked it!" is fine.

"It was not to my liking." (note spelling)

It can refer to many thinga: The movie was not to my liking.

"It didn't taste to me." (It had no taste!) "To me, it didn't taste." (intransitive)

"It didn't taste right to me." (transitive)
Thanks for the reply.

If I understand it correctly, " I like it" "It tastes good" can be referred to food both

"It doesn´t taste" means that has no flavor ?

"it has a bad taste" or "it tastes bad" " it doesn´t taste right" means that that food is not good

Please confirm


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"Yes" to all your questions. Emotion: smile
Pamela81" I like it" "It tastes good" can be referred to food both
. . . . can both refer to food.

. . . . can both be referring to food.