hi there,
i would really appreciate if someone could share with me some ideas or suggestions on how to teach very weak students. these students (33 students) are not native speakers and they do have some discipline issues / problems. i have tried 'words/ phrase rearranging' - exercise, "fill in the blank" , matching exercises, note expansion. But the end result is still "negative". They tend to forget the vocabs' ; their meanings ...... i would really appreciate it and if you would like to mail it to me personally; my email add is (Email removed)
Motivation is the key, not technique. You have to find out what will make these kids want to learn, what piques their interest. Sports? Music? Games and competition with classmates?
Of course, it depends on the age group, and if their parents are involved in their progress.

Best of luck!
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i think the use of visual aids is fruitful in this case .also the use of simple videos,very short listening tasks ,easy tasks to be done by them ,short movies and get them to coment on
If you're saying that they have some discipline issues, I believe you're talking about a group of young learners or teenagers. If that's the case you should spend as much time on introducing discipline into the classroom. There are lots of books on that and it is REALLY REALLY difficult to achieve (not that I want to discorage you).
You have to learn some tricks, e.g.:
- if they are too loud, DO NOT shout! Speak more and more quietly. They will get a bit interested in what you're saying and a bit scared as well and will start shooshing one another.
- do not sit at your desk - stand. It'll give you some more authority and power.
- you can stand behind them, they will behave better as they will not be certain what you're doing.
You have to learn tricks like that and only then can you start teaching.
IMHO if they have discipline problems, you will not silence them even if you bend over backwards and bring the most interesting materials ever. They will be happy and excited but not quiet Emotion: smile