What has he taught us? It pays to be selfless. You can be content just to make the players around you better. There are too many scoring point guards in the NBA today, and the game has suffered. People think that in order to be a great player, you have to lead the league in scoring. Forget that—despite averaging only 15.5 points a game, fourth best on his team, Nash was the MVP of the NBA last season, the first Canadian ever to win that honor. He deserved it: his 11.5 assists per game clinched it for him. And he's doing an even better job this season. To top it off, Nash, 32, is just a nice guy. He recently used endorsement money to help pay for a new pediatric cardiology ward in a Paraguayan hospital. That's beyond admirable. Over the past few years, his popularity has exploded. His ego could have swelled—everyone else's does. But he still just wants to pass the ball.

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"to top it off" dictionary
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In additional to all of that, and to make the point even more compelling.

In this case "to make it even better." It can also be "to make it even worse," if you are talking about negative things. But here, we are talking about Nash's good points as a player, and to make him seem even better, he's also a nice guy. (But he sure could use a hair cut!)