Armenians want to show these two words "Armenian Genocide" always on top.So we musn't reply them if not very very necessary.
The governments who accept this ugly genocide lies are all irresponsible governments, parliaments. So we will never forgive them.
i want this forum's moderators to erase the title about "armenian genocide".At least please change the title.Because this is not a reality of history.
This is a playacting to achieve some aims.
Hello Hulyaa

The events in question are still the subject of much academic debate, in which the phrase "Armenian genocide" features prominently. So I don't see that we're in a position to rule on the historical reality of that phrase.

As you can see, both sides of the debate are represented here. You're very welcome to make a contribution.

All the best,

As the person who started the thread, I find the sentiments you've expressed rather silly. I titled the thread as I did because the debate was intended to be about the veracity of events typically called the "Armenian Genocide". That's what the discussion is about and that's what the events are usually referred to as, truthful or not. I didn't intend for the title to express a bias or slant toward a particular view, but rather to clearly and concisely inform viewers what this thread was regarding.

Now, speaking for myself, I hope you recognize that what you're asking is essentially that the debate be stamped out or forgotten. I don't consider that a healthy perspective, and would suggest you ask yourself why you wish the issue would just go away. If you're so certain that the accusations are a lie, then why not invite more discussion?
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As MrP mentioned, anyone who is interested to further discuss this topic can continue their discussion on the original thread--'Armenian Genocide'. Now, this thread is locked.

Thank You,