What word is the best choice in the underline spaces?

・We knew that our boss was bald on top but we never mention about it in front of him.

 During the last night's party, he got dead drunk and suddenly ___________ that he wore false hair.

・Everyone knew that the famous actor was a gay, so no one was surprised when he ___________ .

The words which poped into my mind are 'come out' and 'out'. That's all.

Do you have any alternative words?

And if possible, please tell me the similar expressions especially slanguage which can be used in these cases.

Thank you,
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When talking about gay persons, there's the expression "to come out of the closet" or "make one's coming out", if I'm not wrong.

As to the first one, "he" (= the boss) is the subject of the missing verb, so "come out" doesn't fit."Reveal", maybe? Or "let on"?
The same verb could work with both:



announced it
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Hello pieanne,
Thank you for replying so quickly.

I know the phrase you provided 'to come out of the closet'
and also know this is often used in the curtailed form now.
Just 'come out'.
But I don' know which is the more popular expression in this case
and whether there are more fitted and latest expressions or not.

Do you have any idea about it?
Hello davkett,

Thank you for replying.

Do you know any other expressions which are not always listed in dictionaries but are very common?
Blurted out

Blurted it out

blurt: to utter abruptly and impulsively -- usually used with out

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Thank you davkett!!

When other intersting expressions occur to you, please tell me.

As far as the situation is similar and a word which means 'to uncover a particular kind of secret' is used,

I don't care whether the other words in the first-posted sentences are changed or not.
To reveal a secret is to 'let the cat out of the bag'.

oops. Do you mean like Nona's?
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