Mr Wells welcomed ministers' commitment improving basic skills. ? why not to improve
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Isn't it a typo? I think it should be "commitment to improving basic skills".

yes . but after to follows infinitive but here is ing ?
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Commitment (=involvement) takes <to a noun> as its comlement. (EX) "US commitment to women in Iraq"

improving here is not a verb - do you mean it ?
An -ing is either a gerund or a present participle. A gerund is treated as a kind of noun.

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paco - could you give me a link where I can check my grammar doubts ?
Please tell me what doubt you have.

Mr Wells welcomed ministers' commitment to improving basic skills.

This is the correct sentence. Ok

but to the best of my knowledge I know that after "to" the verb is with infinitive.

So I think that the sentence must be Mr Wells welcomed ministers' commitment to improve basic skills.

After deep thninking I start doubting because welcome is always followed by "to" and the improving may be an adjective not a verb in ing form.But after all I see that non of my conjecture are correct ... Emotion: sad
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