I've been reading many of the suggestions on writting sponsorship letters on this site and its been of tremendous help, thank you, however I still have one unanswered question in my mind: if I want to apply for sponsorship shouldn't I address my letter to the Marketing director and not the President / CEO ? I would be eternally grateful if you could respond to this question.

I also have a few more concerns. If I am offering 'exposure' to a specific company, should I, in my writing, suggest to them the ways in which I will promote their service or product even to the extent of giving specific measurements of posters or banners for example? Or would that be too much information too soon.

Secondly, how soon and in what manner should I follow up on my letter to ensure their support.

Thank you so very much in advance for considering my questions Emotion: big smile
Dearest Birdie,

President & CEO/Marketing Director?

Depends on the company. Whoever you think is most likely to approve your request. If it is a larger company, go with a lower level employee. If it is General Electric, I would NOT bother Jeff Inmelt.

In my original letter, I would give vague/somewhat specific descriptions as to how I could promote their company. I would use the letter as a means for an introduction and follow up with a phone call or, better yet, a brief meeting where I would provide more detailed plans.

Follow up within a week to ten days. Beyond that, and they might have forgotten your letter. Much sooner and you won't have given them a chance to read and think about your letter.

Dear MountainHiker,

Your quick response was greatly appreciated, and everything that you have suggested makes the world of sense to me so I'll undoubtably follow your advice.

Thanks a million!!
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