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"To Whom It May Concern" - What does it mean, when is it used?

What is the purpose of this phrase, or should I use "Dear Sir/Madam"?

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Great thank you!!!
Is "Whomsoever" correct??
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No. It is just a silly variation.
Dear Clive,I work as an assistant project manager for an electrical contractor and I stumbled across this forum by chance when I was trying to figure out the correct capitalization for the phrase "To whom it may concern". While I think I now have the answer for that, you have me questioning my choice for addressing this letter. I am writting a narrative of what changes we are not including in the pricing for an addendum to our contract drawings. There will be a print out from my pricing software that this, for the lack of a better word, letter, will be attached to. I have no clue who will read this letter after I send it to the General Contractor (probably the architect, engineer and owner). I do not know their names or titles. Would it be appropriate in this case to address the letter "To whom it may concern:" Dear Sir or Maddam just doesn't seem proper in this case. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Sincerely,Jeff

Have you considered something simple like 'Dear Customer'?

Are you sure you can't just write it more as a notice? eg with no greeting but just a heading like


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Clive,I'm not sure why the returns I hit between the heading/body and the body/farewell did not make it into my last post but I apologize. I am doubling up on the returns this time; hopefully that will fix it. I don't think Dear Customer would really work because they are not really customers. I would consider Dear Client if it were only going to the owner but again I don't think it really fits here. I could go with a heading like you suggested but there is also a short paragraph I wrote at the beginning explaining what the letter is for. I guess I will just continue to think about this and try to come up with a better open than "To whom it may concern". Thanks again for you help!Sincerely,JeffPS: I looked at the preview and realized the spacing is still off, but I can't for the life of me figure out why when I hit enter it shows a break between the text in the "write text" window but not in the "preview". Sorry.

This Is To Certify That Mr.&Mrs.Kesavadas Ramya Is Being Residing At 14A,Bharathi Garden,Kalveeram Palyam,bharathiyar University Post,Coimbatore-04,In My House For Past 2 Years. This Is For Your Kind Information.Thanking You, Yours Truly
Oh dear!

To Whom It May Concern:

This is to certify that Mr.& Mrs.Kesavadas Ramya have resided for the past two years and currently reside at 14A Bharathi Garden, Kalveeram Palyam, Bharathiyar University Post, Coimbatore-04.

Yours truly,
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I have an issue where I am addressing a resignation letter, but there is more than one manager at the work place, and assistant managers, so I don't know who is most likely to open it. Would this be an acceptable opening in this case?
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