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A letter to an unknown recipient needs no end salutation. "To whom this may concern" is not a form used much, except for open reference letters given to someone for use at any time.
Is it correct to use To whom it may concern as a start for a Letter of motivation in an exchange application? Or is the start Dear Madame or Sir more appropriate? And does it in that case have to end with Yours faithfully?

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Does a letter which starts with "To whom it may concern:" end with "Yours sincerely" or "Yours faithfully"?

Usually, learners of English use 'To whom it may concern' incorrectly, as discussed earler in this thread.

May I please ask why you are using it?

Using it to inform an official that I am inviting friends to visit who are traveling from abroad.

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I would say Dear Sir or Madame'.

'To Whom It May Concern' is not the start of a letter.

It begins a testimonial, a notice or a public announcement.

It needs to conclude only with the writer's signature, the printed out name in case the signature is illegible, the position, status or designation of the signatory, and contact details.

Thank you issue now resolved

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