1. I got up at 6 o'clock today.

Here the past tense has been used, though "today" indicate "present time".

I am a bit confused. How can we use the past tense with the word "today".

Could anybody explain it?
today does not indicate present time. today indicates all the moments from midnight last night until midnight tonight. For example, if it is 9 in the morning parts of today are in the past and parts of today are in the future.

Or, at two o'clock I can say:

I ate a sandwich for lunch today and I will eat fish and rice at dinner today.

Today means the present day. The day doesn't have to be over.
I mean, it could be evening or the middle of the day, so if someone asked what time you got up today, you might answer that way.

Actually, I would probably say, "I got up at 6." or "I got up at 6 this morning." But that is okay, too. Hope that helps.

Do you speak hindi?
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Hello Formlit,

Yes, I speak Hindi.
Great! My hindi is truly bad. Well, it could be worse; I might not understand Hindi at all. As it is, I can understand filmy Hindi, but sometimes even that is too much for me.

I think the Hindi equivalent of that sentence is: Aaj hum paach baje utae.
lol. Sorry about the spelling, but I hope you still understand. I changed the 6 to a 5.
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