Today‘s children are living under more pressure from the society than children in the past. To what extent do you agree or disagree with this opinion?

We are living in the ever-increasing era with state-of-the-art technologies as well as immense knowledge sources. The human, in recent decades, has endlessly made an effort to improve standard of living as shorten the gap between rich and poor, which to get a better quality of life. From my viewpoint, the youth these days, however, have suffered several invisible pressures from either society or even their relatives to catch up with these giant achievements of the earlier generation.

As the foremost, parental expectations and orientations put a lot of strain on children. The latter generation is, practically, required to attend many courses such as drawing, swimming, instrumental classes and so on. They also obey such many rules and principles from their parental education to be a well-manner of society and protect their parent status. Furthermore, the parents often decide what their offspring need to do without asking what they really love to do, which hugely affect the comprehensive development and restrict the fullest potential of them.

Secondly, today’s children have to confront more threats than children in the past. There is the fact that they easily access to black websites due to internet network becoming very popular. Besides that, they might be addicted to computer games if not being under the close supervision of the family. These cause negative effects on both mental and physical development at their age. Consequently, parents tend to limit their leisure time by increasing studying activities for them and try to keep their offspring away from potential dangers the internet brings. The parents, however, unintentionally put more stress on children becoming a victim of a vicious circle.

In conclusion, no matter when a child is born, they all deserve the best social conditions to be able to grow and become the person they want to be.


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