It is true that online business conferencing or business training has currently become commonplace in many cities due to the outbreak of Coronavirus pandemic. While I understand that critics may see this as an ineffective method, I suppose that the merits would eclipse the downsides.

There are two main reasons why people might disapprove of the use of online chatroom for business reunion or training. Firstly, this approach is likely to leak private information of users. Take Zoom as an example. One state of America, Massachusetts, has recently reported that it appears some strangers breaking into several chat rooms of Zoom shouting vulgar language or releasing hostile messages. Secondly, people hardly express their idea clearly or even miss several essential information when using online business conferencing in case the internet connection is not steady enough.

In spite of the drawbacks mentioned above, I believe that the use of online business reunion is a positive measure. The key objective of this approach is to save a significant amount of time and money. In particular, the expenses for gas to commute to work or a parking slot can be minimized to the lowest. Furthermore, it is no longer time-consuming because we do not have to travel back and forth to work.

In conclusion, it seems to me that we gain more than we loose from making use of online business conferencing.

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