Before posting this question I searched in the forum previous discussions. Only found one but my doubt is still active.

Are the following correct??????

1. Today it is sunny. I know this one is right.

2. What if I say: Today is sunny. I heard Zucchero´s song saying "Tomorrow will be blue"...

3. What if I add "day". Today is a sunny day? Today it is a sunny day?

Are they all correct??

I guess in number 2 we think of "Today" as the subject, not as an adverb of time.

Thank you in advance.

1. Today it is sunny. Correct.
2. Today is sunny. Correct. "Tomorrow will be blue." Correct.

3. Today is a sunny day. Correct. Today it is a sunny day. Correct, but more words than needed!

Are they all correct?? Yes.

I guess in number 2 we think of "Today" as the subject Yes, you guess right.

not as an adverb of time. Correct.

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UAUUU !!! Thank you for your quick and "to the point" response!!

You´ve helped me a lot!!!!

That's "WOW!" in English, you know!
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You are right! I wrote it without paying attention, the same way I write it in my origin language: Spanish.

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Emotion: speechlessis it gunna be sunny tomorrow or is it gunna be rainny tomorrow???