I'm looking for free book, help me to practice for TOEFL.
Hi you two

You can find some free resources online by googling "TOEFL practice tests " or "free TOEFL ", for example.

You should also be able to find some cheap second-hand TOEFL books on Ebay.
If you find one, tell me.Emotion: smile
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Thank you Yankee,

I found a site, you can even find listening tests on this site. http://www.examenglish.com/IELTS/IELTS_reading_2.htm I know it reads IELTS but there is not any difference.Emotion: smile
http://www.onlinenglish.net/iBT/OnlinEnglish_Actual/200703_speaking_1c_timed.html If you have a microphone, native speakers check your spoken English here! I should get a mic at once!
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Doll I should get a mic at once!
Yes, Doll, you really should. Then you might also be able to take advanatge of things such as Skype. Emotion: wink
Emotion: wink Emotion: wink Well, tomorrow it is Ramadan Bairam and everything is so much expensive nowadays and I am waiting for the bairam pass. (strange grammar!) Emotion: big smile