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Next summer I’ll be going to attend some English courses in UK or . Looking on the internet, I’ve seen that the most required English certificate worldwide is Toefl, so I was going to try it. Unfortunately, there are no Toefl courses on summer in UK/Eire. On the other hand, there are many Ielts courses.

I need your advice: is the preparation of these two exams that different, so I’ll not able to take the Toefl after a Ielts course? Actually, I don’t need the Toefl necessarily, since I’m not going to apply for a US University within two years. But I think that I’ll need to take it later. So, if the two exams are totally different, I think that the sooner I get used to the Toefl examination, the better it is. Do you think I’m right?

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The designs, format and weighting are different, but the skills being tested are the same.

I would recommend taking the same preparatory program as the test you intend, especially if you are unused to language proficiency tests, because much of the success in test-taking comes from being familiar and comfortable with the test format.

On the other hand, if an IELTS program is inexpensive and convenient for you now, why not take it, just for the experience of a language proficiency test? Many of the strategies of reading and selecting answers will be the same.

Otherwise, I would wait a while until you can take a TOEFL preparatory course-- don't wait too long, though!
I suggest IELTS. It's more popular than TOEFL and is almost universally accepted (except American Us, as you mentioned).
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I still think it depends on which specific institution you are applying to:

IELTS: Over 3800 educational institutions, government agencies and professional organisations across 120 countries around the world recognise IELTS scores as a trusted and valid indicator of ability to communicate in English. Over 500,000 tests taken every year.

TOEFL: The TOEFL test is offered in 180 countries around the world. More than 6,000 colleges, universities, and licensing agencies in 110 countries accept TOEFL scores. 554, 942 took the computer-based TOEFL between July 2004 and June 2005.
Check to see the type of Toefl they are doing. The new iBT Toefl is on a par (in quality) with the IELTS whereas the older (computer based) version was never good putting emphasis on grammar knowledge and vocabulary instead of use.

Personally I still prefer the IELTS over any of the Toefl versions.
I'm planning to work as a nurse in the US, and 1of the requirements for visascreen is an english proficiency test..which is more appropriate, TOEFL-iBt or IELTS? Thanks.
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TOEFL is the English proficiency test of choice at US universities. The Visascreen website itself states, however:

English examinations may be given by the following organizations:
  1. Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  2. Test of English for International Communications (TOEIC)
  3. International English Language Testing System (IELTS)
TOEFL and TOEIC applicants must take and pass the Test of Spoken English (TSE) and the Test of Written English (TWE)
IELTS offers its own examinations in both spoken and written English.
IELTS is useful forever but TOEFL is useless after two years Emotion: sad
I don't think so. IELTS scores are good for 2 years.
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