This exercise makes me confused, please help:
Identify the one word or phrase A,B,C or D that should be corrected or rewritten:
1> Not until (recently) has (interest of) (tidal electric power) plants been (revived).
2>(Whether satelites) orbiting the earth (take) photoghaphs of (cloud conditions) which (are relayed) to meteorologists.
3> There (a few) drugs (are) (today) that (are valued) more than penicillin.

Here is my guess:
1> A
2> A
3> B
If they're wrong, please help me correct them. If they're right, please explain.

Kind regards,
Khai Minh
1. B : it's "interest IN"

2. is not complete as it stands; "satelites" is not correctly spelled

3. "are" should be right after "there"
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Hi pieanne was looking for help with something else when I saw this one

2. this sentence appears complete to me other than the spelling - should be 'weather' and not 'whether' - puts a different perspective on the sentence.

Hope this helps - deliberately haven't corrected the spelling of 'satelites' as it's good practice to use the dictionary


Ah, yes, Helen, you're right! Emotion: smile I had taken "whether" for just "whether"... Thank you!
Darkmaster, it's definitely A in 2. !
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